1. Insects: a continent of flavor

I’ve never been picky about food. As a kid, I remember nibbling on my grandmother’s lap dog’s kibbles as if they were peanuts. I broke all stereotypes of childhood aversion to vegetables (I loved broccoli and chayote), entrails (cow belly, liver with onions, kidneys…) and strong seasonings (I like to eat mustard by the spoonful). On the other hand, I’ve always liked bugs, breeding beetles, analyzing grasshoppers, following ants’ movement, and when my relatives from Chiapas gave me these huge ants called nucú (females of the Atta Mexicana species) for lunch, I did not hesitate to try them. It was an epiphany: insects became my passion.

The rich cuisine of Mexico’s indigenous peoples offers an exciting range of flavors that come in tiny sizes and with six legs: the herbal acidity of grasshoppers, the caterpillars’ almond meat, the metallic spice of jumiles (stink bugs), the earthy sweetness of ants… Besides being a pleasant experience, eating insects (the joy of entomophagy) is a custom worthy of being promoted due to its various nutritional, social, bioethics and ecological benefits.





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