Boston ‘pestaurant’ offers edible insects in favorite dishes

Boston’s first pop-up “pestaurant” — a restaurant serving edible insects — takes over Faneuil Hall at lunchtime today.

Expect a hive of activity, buzzing with fans of primitive grub.

Compete in a cricket-eating contest, or sample dishes from chefs Donna German and Visnja Zarak of Hostess Catering ( in Woburn, who prepared insect-accented versions of otherwise tasty, easy-to-swallow favorites.

Try “clorm” chowder, a New England chowder with clams and mealworms; chocolate “chirp” cookies with cricket legs in the batter and a cricket head eyeing you from the top of each cookie; mealworm fried rice; and grasshopper turkey burger sliders, with a choice of three (insect free) condiments: ketchup, chimichurri sauce or roasted red pepper salsa.

Samples are free, while event sponsor Ehrlich Pest Control makes a donation to the Greater Boston Food Bank for every person brave enough to take a bite or compete in the cricket-munching challenge. The company hosts tastings today in 13 cities around the world. Boston is the only U.S. location.





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