Lisa Monachelli stirred up a batch of honey cookies that, in addition to more traditional ingredients such as an egg and baking soda, had a healthy heaping of cricket flour.

The sweet smell of honey mixed with the pungent aroma of the cricket flour evoked memories of trips to the pet store. Inside the oven, crickets and mealworms were roasting. Monachelli planned to use them as toppers for the cookies, a sure sign that this was no ordinary snack.

Monachelli has always loved to cook and feed people, but she might not have discovered her ability to use those talents to teach others about entomophagy, or the practice of eating bugs, except for a group of Boy Scouts who were intrigued by the idea some 15 years ago. So it began that she found herself serving up crickets and mealworms to adventurous eaters of all ages.





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