A few weeks ago I wrote about my distaste for eating insects. At the end, I included a poll to determine whether my readers agreed with me or not. Apparently they don’t! The results looked like this:

Entomophagy for a Healthier Planet

Percent of people willing to eat bugs, would not eat bugs, or might eat a bug under certain conditions.

I have to admit that I was a little surprised by this results. Seriously? 64.3% of people would be willing to eat an insect? Then I considered my audience. The majority of readers of my blog are a) entomologists by vocation or avocation, b) naturalists by vocation or avocation, or c) interested in insects enough that they were able to find my blog. People who study bugs (or just really like them) are admittedly more likely to willingly eat an insect than people who do not. In my experience, people who love nature are more adventurous than the average person you encounter on the street, which also makes them more likely to eat an insect than the rest of Americans. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise to me that 78.6% of people polled would be willing to eat an insect under at least some condition. Apparently my anti-entomophagy stance in the minority. I’m comfortable with that.





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