In this 8-part series, Marloes, a former research biologist, attempts to uncover the truth behind the latest superfood trends and their surrounding hype.

This week, she ponders whether insects could be the superfood to save the world.

If you think you taste only with your tongue, think again. Our mind has a massive influence over whether we enjoy our food or gag with disgust. Once we train our brains that eating one kind of food is ok but another is not, it’s tough to undo that preconception. Now imagine society as a whole. Our collective eating habits are deeply engrained by our culture, no matter how independent we like to think we are. Those rashers of crispy bacon? Delicious to many in the west but abhorrent to Muslim or Jewish cultures. How about a plate of fried insects? Many of us would wrinkle up our noses at the thought of crunching through so many legs, while many locals in Eastern, African and South American countries laugh at us for being scaredy-cats.





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