How to cook scorpions

Here at MUNCHIES, we get more bug-driven food pitches every week than the amount of ISIS-related Google alerts at VICE News. We’ve even run a few stories—from exploring the economic impact of bug-farming in Thailand to addressing the ethics of humane insect slaughter—on the critters that manage to crawl into crevices where even the smallest kitten can’t reach.

Sure, it’s almost impossible to avoid the deluge of headlines promising that insects are the future’s great sustainable protein that will save our planet, if only we could all get past the ick factor. But what if we took the futurist rhetoric out of the equation and simply took insects for what they are—ingredients?

With that in mind, we turned to David George Gordon, a.k.a. “The Bug Chef,” a 30-plus-year veteran chef who specializes in deep-frying, de-hydrating, dredging, and slicing up hundreds of species of critters that crawl all over the world and into your mouth when you’re sleeping.





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