Chili-lime flavored mealworms took the place of tortilla chips at the entomology club’s insect-themed potluck. The act of eating insects is known as entomophagy, and it is something that club founder Jonathan Lockwood would like to see more of in our culture.

“It’s a sustainable food source comparable to pork, beef and chicken,” Lockwood said. “In fact, sometimes tastes even better.”

Lockwood, a botany major, founded the entomology club this semester in hopes of getting people enthusiastic about insects and to help remove the fear and disgust that many people have for them.

“I feel like I learn more from entomology club than entomology class,” botany major Meghann Brenneman said.

Along with the chili-lime mealworms, students helped themselves to an assortment of cricket fruit roll-ups, chocolate “chirp” cookies and even worm potato latkes.

“I never ate bugs before joining entomology club,” Mike Weldon, a botany major, said. “But they’re actually not too bad.”





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