It was recently announced that McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Burger King will stop adding “pink slime” to burgers. Pink slime is an ammonia-sterilized beef byproduct that has gotten bad press for passing as “100% beef” in ads.

You can be certain that the news means that food scientists have developed a new way to recycle beef byproducts back into hamburgers under the 100% beef banner, so that the chains can continue to offer cheap, fast food to the masses.

But, more to the point, pink slime demonstrates that modern food science has no “yuck” limits. It is therefore not hard to imagine the development of an insect-based food additive that enriches burger and nugget protein levels. Burgers with processed insect meal could be sold by chains under claims such as “higher in protein”, “healthier fats”, and “eco-burger”.





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