When I was in Mexico City a few months ago, I ordered some guacamole with a twist; sprinkled on top of the avocado-rich treat were some roasted, salted chapulines (that’s Spanish for crickets). Though I’ve been a vegetarian for 20 years, I don’t have a problem with bug consumption, and I’ve always been interested in eating insects, since they are low-impact to raise, abundant and protein-rich.

Starre Vartan about to eat bugsThose I tasted at the high-end lunch-spot in Mexico City had a mild, smoky flavor (I’m not sure if that’s their regular flavor or if they were smoked) and were well-salted, which made them a tasty accompaniment to the lemony, buttery guacamole. I enjoyed them, and though I spied a few legs here and there, they were mostly well-chopped, and not necessarily identifiable as bugs at all; without looking, and if I hadn’t known they were there, I would have guessed they were some smoked and dried toothsome onions. I would have no problem eating them again, though I enjoyed them more as a garnish (albeit a heavy one) rather than a main course.





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