Israeli startup challenges the 'yuck factor' with grasshopper shakes

Athletes will go to extraordinary lengths to boost performance. Steak TzarTzar is betting that grasshopper protein shakes aren’t a leap too far.

If a grasshopper jumps on you you’d probably be more tempted to stomp on it than fry it for lunch.

Steak TzarTzar, a young Israeli company still in the process of formation, acknowledges that some of us find the thought of crunchy bug fatally revolting. But it hopes you’ll be tempted enough by the high-protein, low-fat deconstructed grasshopper shake it’s developing to overcome what company CEO Dror Tamir cheerfully calls “the yuck factor”.

In fact Tamir, a former high-tech entrepreneur who knows human nature when he sees it, overcomes that snag lightly.

“If I were to offer you a million dollars to eat a grasshopper, would you?” he beams. (Yes, I would.) “But it wouldn’t pay for me to market that way. That would be a terrible marketing strategy.”

Right. So what is Steak TzarTzar’s marketing strategy? That begins with what it going to be marketing once its systems are up and running: grasshoppers, whole or in powder form, each targeting a different market. The whole insect is for the East, and the powder is for the West.





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