Ohio Insect Farm Turns Crickets Into Flour For Tortillas

The first farm to breed insects for human consumption has opened in an abandoned warehouse in rural Ohio.

Big Cricket Farms, the company breeding the insects, is working with a Boston-based insect food start-up, Six Foods, which will grind crickets down into “flour” and turn them into cricket chips, or “chirps.”

The creators of Six Foods believe that by blending the crickets with other more familiar ingredients they will be able to overcome the disgust that puts many off the idea of eating a bug, while creating a snack that tastes familiar but is rich in protein.

“We realized people aren’t going to eat insects as long as they could see what it was,” explained Laura D’Asaro, co-founder of Six Foods, which is one of several companies hoping to tap the potential of bugs as a cheap and environmentally sustainable source of nutrition.





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