Ontario cricket farm hopes bugs are the future; chefs adding insect to the menu

TORONTO – For three brothers from a small Ontario town they never thought their future would be in farming insects.

Darren Goldin and his two brothers, Jarrod and Ryan, are the founders ofNext Millennium Farms, tucked away in Campbellford, Ont., about two hours northeast of Toronto, and is the largest North American farm that breeds, raises and processes insects for human consumption.

“I never thought I would be a bug farmer,” Darren Goldin, told Global News. “I mean I was always one of those kids that loved animals and wildlife and spent a lot of time outdoors, but I never saw a future as a bug farmer.”

Opened in March of 2014, the farm is at the forefront of a new agriculture industry. Rather than pens filled with cows, chickens or pigs, the sibling-run operation is buzzing with the sounds of millions of crickets.





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