The world’s first guide to matching INSECTS and wine.

A British wine merchant has created the world’s first insect and wine matching guide.
As well as pairing Chardonnay to tarantulas, buyers at Laithwaite’s Wine matched sparkling rose to barbecued locusts, sherry to giant waterbugs and Shiraz to sago worms.
Traditional food in parts of Asia, Latin America and Africa, edible insects are now being touted as the new superfood due to their high protein content.

wine and insects

The buyers at the wine merchants paired ten of Laithwaite’s 1,500 wines to popular bugs.

‘We did our research on it and those are the bestselling edible insects,’ a spokesperson from Leiths told MailOnline Food.

The edible bugs were sourced from gourmet insect shops Crunchy Critters and Edible Uniques as well as from Selfridges and Harvey Nichols.


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