There’s a lot of talk lately about sustainable food. Eating local, seasonal, unprocessed food is sustainable, and there’s a particular focus on sustainable protein, conversations about how to raise poultry and cattle with less environmental impact— how to keep things cheap, but still healthy.

One oft-neglected option? Edible insects.

Across the globe, eating insects is common practice. In Mexico and Latin America, bugs are normal snacks. In Asia, you can buy crickets and scorpions in the markets, seasoned just like potato chips. You can buy a paper cone full of bugs on the street, or you can eat them in high-end restaurants. There are chapulines, grasshopper tacos, and soups made from silkworms and mealworms.

Some of these delicacies have made it to the U.S., but for the most part, American menus are bug-free.


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