Someone's created a cookery kit to encourage people to eat insects

Anyone for sweet and sour grasshopper, meal worm macaroni, lime and ginger locusts or cricket cookies?

If the answer is yes, or you have ever dreamed of cooking with creepy crawlies, then you’re in luck – as a product design student has created a kitchen starter kit to encourage people to eat insects.

Courtney Yule, who is in her final year at Edinburgh Napier University, has designed an “Entopod” which is shaped like an insect and aims to dispel the “yuck factor” by providing an acceptable and easy way for people to tuck in to bugs.

The plastic unit includes a grinder to make insect flour, detachable containers to heat food and an insect fondue set and Courtney aims to provide a simple way for people to experiment with insect-based recipes.

She hopes the diversity of the kit will make people interested enough to overcome their fear of eating insects.





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