January 24th, 2015 at the Freeport Public Library



We had a great launch and everyone had fun. Almost everyone ate the bugs we were serving. You can see Julia, Izzy and Ava as they take their first look at what was being offered.

On the tray shown in the picture to the left are cricket flour cookies from Bitty Foods (everyone’s favorite), Chili and Lime crickets from Don Bugito (my favorite), chocolate covered cricket from Don Bugito, and energy bars from Chapul.

Despite a lot of initial reluctance, almost everyone ate the cookies. ‘Most everyone ate the energy bars and there were a few brave souls that ate the chocolate covered crickets and lime spiced crickets.

sam broadbent eating his first bug cookieTo the right is a picture of Sam eating his first cricket cookie. Although Sam had been studying entomophagy for awhile now, his first bug cookie was not as easy to eat as he might have suspected. As we say on the website, “the toughest bug to eat is your first one“.

After the initial bug tasting, we gave a talk on why we believe it’s important to educate people on edible insects and the benefits to our country, the world and the planet. Sam had researched many important facts concerning the benefits of entomophagy and he presented them to the audience. As far as we could tell, everyone saw the value and agreed that introducing Americans to edible insects was a positive move.

julia broadbent telling bug jokesOnce the main presentation was over, we had a question and answer session that brought up a lot of great topics for discussion. Being a room full of Mainers, the comparison to shellfish was a topic, including the fact that people that are allergic to shellfish should avoid trying edible insects. It makes sense since shrimp, lobster and crab are all basically insects of the sea.

 For the finale, Julia read some bug jokes and got more than a few good laughs from the audience. A favorite was “What did one flea say to the other? …’Should we walk or take the dog?”

So, the website has been launched and Bugs For Dinner is now official.

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Photographers: Julia, Izzy and Ava

Special Thanks to Gayle Wolotsky for the Family & Girls Pic.

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