Robert Nathan Allen started eating bugs in Austin about four years ago and now he runs a cricket farm to harvest and sell edible insects.

Eating bugs makes sense nutritionally, the insects are protein and iron rich, Allen said. Bugs also use less land, water and produce fewer emissions than traditional livestock, he said.

“It’s a really unique food resource, we’ve completely ignored,” Allen said.

Allen works for Aspire Food Group’s local operations heading up the first farm to grow edible crickets in Austin. He participated in the Food + Tech Austin panelheld at Capital Factory Monday night. Other panelists included Rick Lopez, a chef at La Condesa, Jack Ceadel, co-founder of Hopper Foods, Leah Jones, co-founder of Crickers and Dan Von Pasecky, executive director of Little Herds, a nonprofit organization educating people about the benefits of edible insects.





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