eating insects


If there is one thing that I have learned in my time both writing about food and working in kitchens, it’s that if you have a food revolution, sooner or later, somebody will try to dude-ify it.

I have lived through it all: The macho butcher craze. The worshipful attention given to celebrity chefs who looked like Paul Bunyan, threw temper tantrums like Joan Crawford, and still somehow couldn’t roast a chicken properly. The assumption that, as an editor at a magazine called Meatpaper, I was part of a passel of guys, when in fact, we were 75 percent lady (Anyone asking which 75 percent — we’ll never tell…).

So this morning, when I ran across this article about how young, “food-curious” men will be at the vanguard of insect-eating, my first thought was “Really?” and my second though was, “Well, now we know entomophagy is hitting the big time, because people are saying that guys will be at the front of it.”





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