Eating bugs might sound like something you’d do if you lost a bet. But a few companies have cropped up that are marketing insect powder as a nutritional supplement.

Requiring little food or water, bugs also have a low-carbon footprint, a fact that makes them very attractive here in drought-stricken California.

But could cricket-packed cookies and milkshakes be the next big food trend?

Three entrepreneurs in their mid-twenties have launched Coalo Valley Farms in a warehouse in the San Fernando Valley suburb of Van Nuys, north of Los Angeles. They’re using repurposed cannabis growing equipment to grow tens of thousands of crickets.

The crickets live in big plastic bins filled with cardboard pizza boxes and a pasty food substance.

“You can hear the ambient noise in here, you’ve got a little fan going, it’s nice and warm, and you’ve got the chirping,” said 25-year-old Elliot Mermel, the farm’s founder. “It’s a great place to fall asleep.”





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