This year, Bill Broadbent and his sister Susan will be giving out edible bugs for Halloween, and they want you to do the same. Yup, you heard right, they want you to give out bugs.

But before you turn up your nose at the idea, and run away like you’re fleeing a hungry zombie, hear them out. According to the educational website they launched earlier this year,, crickets have as much protein as beef, as little fat as salmon, and use less than 1% of the water needed to produce meat. In fact, edible insects can provide protein with all of the amino acids humans need, they have more calcium than milk, more iron than spinach, and are packed with Omega 3s and B12. They are also a pre-biotic (food for probiotics). In fact, everything about them looks great on paper. “The only reason we don’t eat bugs,” Susan admits, “is because we think ‘they’re gross.’” Yup, sounds right.

However, as the Broadbents remind us, we are actually already eating bugs all the time! Food manufacturers are allowed to have a significant number of insect parts in the foods they sell. These insect parts include heads, legs and thorax. For some products, such as wheat flour, the limit is 150 bug parts per 100 grams (4/5 of a cup). That’s a lot of bug parts in your flour! But instead of getting upset, the siblings encourage you to think about these insect parts simply as added protein.





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