Eat Bugs
An entomologist from Texas is bringing nothing but insect-based food to her two-week ascent up Yosemite’s El Capitan

Nothing satisfies at the end of a long day of climbing like a handful of meal worms. Or at least that’s the case for bugs-as-food proponent Meghan Curry. This September, the 29-year-old El Paso entomologist is putting her money (and her meal worms) where her mouth is. She plans to solo climb El Capitan eating nothing but insect-based foods.

Technically the trip up El Cap is just a two-week-long PR stunt—more about eating worms than placing gear. It’s Curry’s play to get the outdoors set onboard with bugs as the conversation about their viability as a sustainable protein replacement for livestock gets underway in the U.S. “It’s something the edible insect industry hasn’t done yet,” she says, “but these are people that are adventurous by nature and sustainability-minded.”





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