Future of Meat

Get used to eating lizard food because bugs are becoming the new sustainable super-protein.

Staring down at the mealworms, a pile of curly, soil-colored corpses, I swore they were still alive. But these little guys were very much dead, and they were about to be my dinner.

I’d received them in an unmarked cardboard box from World Entomophagy, the only US company selling food-grade insects to the public. I’d placed my order after reading an article online about a taste test engineered by an entomologist: He gave subjects meatballs made of half meat and half mealworm, as well as a control meatball of 100% conventional meat. Surprisingly, most people preferred the buggy balls. That’s good news for the environment, since insects are some of the most sustainable protein around. And it’s also good news for me, since mealworms are high in healthy fats and vitamins A and B. And thanks to a 23-year-old entrepreneur in Austin, I, too could make sustainable mealworm meatballs—without the messy business of growing the bugs myself.





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