cricket cookies

You may feel squeamish about chomping down insects with their eyes, legs, and antennae still intact, but would you eat insects if they were disguised in butter and sugar-filled cookies? We baked chocolate chip cookies made from pulverized insects and brought them to our office where our brave coworkers tasted them.

Illustration by Jim Cooke.

A little background: Robbie and Lauren live in the same city and belong to a small coworking space. Our fellow coworkers belong to a number of professions: writing, programming, human resources, tutoring, accounting, and all manner of consulting. And it turns out that they’re up for just about anything, including eating cookies made from powdered bugs.

Each Friday, our office has a happy hour, and sometimes someone will bring in some special food for everyone to enjoy. And we’ve been talking a bit at io9 about Westerners eating insects.


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