“Sushi of 30 years ago is the insects of today,” says Blue Hill Chef/Owner Dan Barber. And you know what? He may be right.

Wait, wait, insects?

Yes! The insect food industry is booming around the world, as the likes of Kyle Connaughton get into cooking with critters. “There are energy bars made with cricket flour, chocolate-dipped and candy-coated worms, cricket cookies and cricket crackers…Caterpillar sushi and mealworm tofu are also in the works,” reports Huffington Post. A 2014 report by New Nutrition Business projects that the bug grub industry will be worth more than $360 million within the next five years.

Back up. Why are people eating bugs?

Good question. As you’re probably aware, there are several challenges facing our current food system: a growing global population, millions of people going hungry or under-nourished, and mounting concerns over global warming. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) says that eating insects may be our road map to a more sustainable future.

Ok, so this is real. Tell me more.





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